Deal: Tylt Energi Backpack + Battery $99.99, 02/10/16

February 10, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Battery power to this day remains one of the main issues for consumers with smartphones. A simple fix is to carry around a battery pack or an extra battery so you can juice up your device on the fly. Or, you could carry around an additional charger so you can juice up when you have the ability to plug in while you’re away from home. Another solution is a backpack which is capable of not only holding your extra items but also charging your device on its own. That’s exactly what you get with Tylt’s Energi backpack as it carries the ability to charge your device while carrying your other things like a laptop, a change of clothes, school books, or anything else you might need to take with you.

Normally the Tylt Energi backpack costs $199.99, but you can currently pick it up on sale for $99.99. Aside from being able to charge your devices thanks to the built-in 10400mAh battery pack, it can charge three devices at once with two USB ports that put out a 1amp charge and one USB ports that put out a 2.1amp charge. It also has 1,450 cubic inches of space for holding plenty of stuff, and it has dedicated compartments for both a tablet and a laptop.

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