Deal: Lifetime Subscription to ZenMate VPN for just $49 – 2/2/16

February 2, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Whether your network at work blocks some sites (usually some like Netflix), or you tend to go to Coffee Shops and use free WiFi, buying a VPN is a pretty good idea. Not only does it get around firewalls but it also protects you and your data while on public networks. Both of which are pretty important. For example, if you’re heading to Turkey, Iran or China where a number of websites like YouTube are blocked, using this VPN will circumvent that firewall and allow you to use those blocked websites. With ZenMate VPN, everything is made much easier. They even have a browser extension allowing you to easily switch between proxy locations. ZenMate VPN allows you to get past all of those location-based content restrictions, even those from Netflix.

ZenMate VPN encrypts all of your browser traffic, to ensure that your traffic is safe from prying eyes, it also protects you while you are using public WiFi. As we all know, free WiFi is very unsecure and note safe. Which is why many say not to check your bank account while connected to free WiFi networks. ZenMate is available on just about every platform for both desktop and mobile including Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and many others. They also have server locations in 11 countries including Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

ZenMate VPN