Deal: Jaybird X2 Headphones for $128 – 2/5/16

February 5, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Many have said that the Jaybird X2’s are the best Bluetooth headphones around, and I may have to agree. These headphones offer great battery life, incredible audio through its earbuds, and look pretty darn good. Not to mention they are incredibly light-weight. Jaybird includes a silicon carrying case with the X2’s as well as foam and silicon tips. If you do buy these, make sure to use the foam tips, they are incredible, when it comes to comfort. There’s really nothing better than those. Jaybird promises around 8 hours of battery life, allowing you to get through at least a day before needing a recharge. The X2’s are also available in a slew of colors, all of which are available on Amazon and at different prices.

The Jaybird X2 headphones are currently available for $128 on Amazon. These debuted at $199, and lately have been sitting at the price of about $179. So dropping to $128 is a pretty good price for these. If you go and workout several times a week, these are must-have headphones, they are guaranteed to be sweat-proof and are wireless (using Bluetooth 4.0), making them perfect for the gym. Jaybird also says that if your X2’s get damaged from sweat, they will replace them for free, a pretty good gesture on their part.

Jaybird X2