Deal: IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training for $30 2/9/16

IT Security has become a pretty important part of Information Technology, thanks to the growing number of malicious hackers out there. Many companies are looking for IT Security experts to protect their website and their company. Which means that there's plenty of money to be made in the field. Thanks to this Certification Training that we are offering on the Android Headlines Store, you can get the training you need to be ready for the certification exams for IT Security and Ethical Hacking. This bundle includes training for the new CompTIA Security+ exam, and also prepping for the Cisco CCNASecurity exam. It's important to note that the exam's aren't part of this bundle, but they are offered at a discount, for those that buy this bundle.

As part of this bundle, you'll get 50+ hours of advanced training and 48 hours of courses, to help you excel in the IT Security field. You can invest as little as 1-3 hours per week and pass all of the certification exams in as little as 4-6 weeks. You'll also learn how to secure Windows systems against attacks. This bundle also has you studying passwords, seeing how they are created, stored and different methods that are used to crack passwords these days. In this bundle you'll be understanding spyware, including activities performed and different types and countermeasures needed.

This is a very extensive bundle that we're offering on the Android Headlines store. Normally this would cost you $1895, however we are offering it for as little as $29.99. It's available now through February 14th, so you'll want to hurry and grab it.

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