Deal: ilumi LED Smartbulb for $44.99 – 2/24/16

February 24, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Smart light bulbs have become to be a pretty popular item as of late. With many people looking to jump in the game and pick up smart light bulbs which they can control with their smartphone, for their home. There are many systems out there, and none of them are cheap. This LED smart bulb from ilumi isn’t either, seeing as this one is on sale for $44.99. This is an A19 size smart bulb from ilumi and is 5 times more energy efficient than your regular bulb. Not to mention it will last for around 20 years or so. This light bulb was actually featured on ABC’s Shark Tank recently.

Using the app for iOS and Android, you are able to sync the light to pulse with your music, you can have it wake you up naturally with a scheduled sunrise there are also ways to create, save and replay your favorite lighting scenes. The light bulb connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and can be controlled up to 150 feet away from the light bulb. The best part about using these light bulbs is you’ll be saving money on your energy bill year round. We also have the BR30 lightbulbs, in case anyone is wanting to pick that size up.

ilumi LED Smartbulb