Deal: Car Air Vent Smartphone Mount for $13.99 – 2/22/16

February 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Being able to mount your phone in the car to use it for navigation or even to control music, is always something everyone wants. It’s much cheaper than getting an Android Auto head unit, or even a car with a built-in infotainment system – and if you have an older car, it’s the best way to get navigation. There are some mounts out there that have suction cups for the dashboard or even the windshield. But they can get in the way of seeing – and with smartphones getting larger and larger they become more and more of a problem.

MOTA has a smartphone mount that is hoping to solve that issue. It’s their Air Vent Smartphone mount. It clips onto the air vent in the car and can mount your smartphone, allowing you to easily mount your smartphone, but keep out of the way of the windshield. MOTA says that it will hold just about any phone as it is adjustable, making it nice and easy for you to get things done. It can swivel 360-degrees. So whether you need it in landscape or portrait mode, you should be fine. MOTA also guarantees durability, seeing as it has adjustable metal rods. Also the simple, sturdy clip is nice and easy to install. You won’t need any tools at all.

MOTA Car Air Vent Smartphone Mount