Deal: Amazon discounts the Fire TV to $85 – 2/22/16

February 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Amazon’s Fire TV is one of the best set-top boxes around. Not just because of the price, but also due to the features that Amazon baked in as well as the content that is available on the set-top box. Many Android purists didn’t like the Fire TV at first because it runs a forked version of Android, but it does much better than Android TV – for now at least – and a whole lot cheaper. The Amazon Fire TV is typically priced at $99, which is pretty decent for a set-top box, however Amazon has discounted it to just $84.99 now, for a limited time. The company hasn’t noted how long it’ll be discounted, but just that it’s a limited time type thing.

In addition, the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition (which features the Gamepad) that typically runs for about $139.99, is on sale for $124.99. Marking both models down by $15. It’s unlikely that they are looking to sell off stock for a new model – considering we saw these at lower prices near the holidays a few months ago – but it could be the case. Both models are great additions to any entertainment system, for Amazon Prime users, you’ll get Amazon Video included, as well as access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and many other streaming video services that are available.

Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition