Coca-Cola Experimenting With Recycled Packaging VR Viewers

Drink companies are increasingly popping up in the mobile industry lately. Not too long ago there was much talk about Pepsi and the initial rumors that the company was planning on releasing their own smartphone. Rumors which eventually went on to become confirmed. Now it looks like it is the turn of Coca-Cola and this time the focus is on another mobile-related product, virtual reality (VR).

It is not too surprising of course, as virtual reality seems to be the hot word in the mobile world at the moment, with many companies looking to get in on the action and either bring to market a virtual reality product or at the very least, announce their intention to do so. In terms of Coca-Cola, their approach is a little bit different to everyone else's though. The company released a video to YouTube last week which details Cardboard-based VR viewers being made out of various Coca-Cola product packaging.

The main focus from the video seems to be that the company intends to release a number of packaged products (think 12-pack of Coca Cola) which will see their packaging being able to fairly easily be turned into VR viewers for the customer to you. The video details three different types which will be available, although does not provide any further details on when this will be going live. However, it does seem that the company has set up a website (source link below) which is dedicated specifically to this VR element. Although again, the website is currently little more than a landing page at the moment. Of course, one of the main goals here does seem to be for Coca-Cola to come up with a new way to recycle (or in this case, reuse) the packaging which comes with Coca-Cola products. The video even begins with the claim that this is "the world's first virtual reality viewer made from recycled packaging". So if this does become a mainstream avenue for the company, it certainly will be likely to be putting VR viewers in the hands of more consumers. For those interested, you can check out the video by hitting play below.

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