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There are a lot of websites out there that you can go to these days to check out fresh original content, get some life tips or just waste some time. Of those websites, BuzzFeed is one of the most popular. You've likely seen their Tasty recipe videos on your Facebook or Instagram feed, or caught glimpses of their "Try Guys" video series showing a few brave men trying things like watching Japanese cartoons for the first time. Normally, to reach these videos, you'd have to go through BuzzFeed's website or app, or stumble across them in the wild. With the release of the new BuzzFeed Video app, you can now access all of this video content in one place via a slick and streamlined user interface.

Whether you get your kicks from pranks, food or discussions on the proper terminology for full-figured men, this app has a little something for everybody, all of which can be streamed instantly and even binge-watched. Users can also subscribe to favorite shows and get alerts whenever new episodes hit the app. Through a highly optimized native video player, the app autoplays BuzzFeed's videos while you hover over them on the page, with the ability to move into a more immersive view. On one side of the app's main page, you have a scrolling feed of videos that are currently trending. On the right side, a user can browse to their heart's content on a show-by-show basis and subscribe as they see fit.


The creation of this app despite BuzzFeed's extensive policies about integrated media may indicate a shift of sorts, or it could just be a concession to the growing mobile video trend. With everybody from cable providers to mobile carriers and even Facebook jumping on board as mobile video consumption grows, it's not too big of a surprise to see a move like this from a popular media outlet like BuzzFeed. As the trend rolls on, we're likely to see more and more content providers making their own concessions or even outright embracing the mobile video boom. The app is already live on the Play Store, so head through the link below to get your fix of Try Guys, Tasty and other BuzzFeed favorites all in one place.


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