Build your Tropical Island with Paradise Bay for Android

There are many games out there that allow you to build your own city, hotels, islands and so much more. With Paradise Bay, you are building your own tropical island, and who doesn't want to have their own tropical island to get away from everything. In Paradise Bay you can discover new islands, trade with friends, merchants and even get adorable animals for your island. In the game, you'll be working with Keani, Skippy and the rest of the crew to restore Paradise Bay to the way it once was, a thriving seaport.

Some of the features of Paradise Bay include the ability to create and customize your own tropical island, the ability to explore and expand your very own island as well as unlocking its secrets. You'll find long-lost map pieces which will lead you to discovering new areas of the world. With the animals on the island, you can nurture and discover them as well as harvest raw resources and craft valuable goods on the island. You can also trade with merchant ships, friends and islanders to make sure your island has everything it needs to survive. Not to mention you can visit the marketplace to buy and sell valuables.

Paradise Bay is a free game, there are some in-app purchases however. The developer notes that you do not need to buy anything to play the game though. There are items that can be purchased from the store, but are not required to play. These in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $9.99 per item. It appears to be the only source of revenue for the developer with this game, as there are no ads at all in the game - always a nice thing to see these days. Paradise Bay does support any Android device that runs on Android 2.3 or higher, however the developer also notes that some devices may not run the game as well due to it's "rich 3D graphics", so if your device isn't running the Paradise Bay game all that well, that is likely why. A bit unfortunate, but not all Android smartphones are created the same.

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