Apple Music Support For Sonos Controller Is Now Standard

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Sonos is one of the few high-quality options for excellent audio while also being wireless and usable from a smartphone app to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible. For anyone who uses Sonos regularly, one of the benefits is being able to remotely control the speakers for streaming music from a list of the most popular music services, which as of December 15th last year was a beta feature for Apple Music. This meant that not every single Sonos users could access the support for Apple’s then beta music service. That changes today with the updated version of the Sonos app as now anyone can stream songs from Apple Music (which is also out of beta now) to their collection of Sonos speakers.

If you’re currently an Apple Music subscriber, and have been looking into Sonos speakers but have held off on buying them and installing the controller app due to lack of support, you now have the opportunity to enjoy all of the content on Apple Music you’ve been enjoying all along but without having to stream to Bluetooth speakers or through headphones. With Sonos, you can have a completely connected home sound system that has speakers in every single room of the home and just like with other already supported services, control your Apple Music stations and listening habits on the fly through the Sonos app with ease.


Support for Apple Music seems to be the only change to look out for, and with no new added features or functionality this is likely to be less exciting for those who don’t subscribe to Apple Music in the first place. Although Apple Music is free to install, it will cost you $9.99 a month after the three-month trial period. On top of that, you’re also looking at quite a bit cost wise to get started up with a collection of Sonos speakers for multi-room experiences. That can equal out to be quite a hefty sum if you’re not already invested in the Sonos ecosystem, but one that is perhaps well worth it if you want what the setup offers. If you don’t yet have the Sonos app installed, you can pick it up from the Play Store.