Android's New Ad Shows The Importance Of Being Unique

Screenshot 114

Google’s “be together. not the same” campaign has yet again brought us another video showing us what uniqueness really means. The whole idea behind being together and not being the same is to basically show us how Android is a diverse platform that can be run on many devices. Not only is Google giving us a visual of how they view their product, but how Android faces among their competitors. In Google’s latest video which they call “Monotune,” you can say the company took a serious jab at their competitors to show you a representation of Android.

The video consist of a man playing two different pianos. Pianos have 88 keys, all of which carry its own unique sound. In Google’s Ad, there are two different pianos but one of them has 88 Middle C keys. To convey and show you how dull things can be with all 88 keys being a Middle C, the unnamed pianist plays Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on both pianos. The pianist first focuses his attention to the piano with its regular set of keys. As he beautifully plays Beethoven, the video quickly places him in front of the rigged piano playing the same tune but with every key being the same note. As the video continues, we get to see the pianist going back and forth from the regular untouched piano, to the dull sounding Middle C, which shows us the difference in how music sounds in either setting.


If you wanted something that sounded more spiritual sounding let’s look at it like this. Each key on the piano is an Android phone. The difference in sound not only represents a different Android phone, but also how melodic they keys sound once they all come together to make beautiful music. This example alone perfectly displays to the world how being together and not the same works much better. You can take this idea to a much bigger aspect, like the world and the many people that roam this beautifully land making the world go around. Overall, Google does a great job showing how different we can be and still accomplish what we want in life. Who knew that Android would get us thinking a little philosophical, or just thinking way to hard about life.