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Owners of Android TV devices will likely be the first to tell you that content like apps and games becoming compatible with Android TV is a slow process. Nearly on a daily basis there are apps or games becoming available on Android in general, but when it comes to Android TV, new apps (or older apps being updated to support Android TV) happens far more rarely. As such, when the odd game or app does become available, it normally creates a bit of a buzz.

Well, maybe it is the love that's in the air prior to Valentine's Day, but this week seems to be a very good week to pick up a new Android TV game. This is largely thanks to NVIDIA beginning a Valentine's Day sale on select titles, but also thanks to a cult classic game from Rockstar also seeing its release on Android this week. So if you are in the mood for picking up some new games, then it is worth considering the titles below as they are all currently on sale.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Most gamers will need no introduction to Liberty City Stories and there is a good chance you have already played this on other platforms. Especially if you are a fan of the GTA series. However, the game did see its launch on Android this week. As part of the launch, the game does come with Android TV and controller support, making it an ideal option for Android TV. It is worth pointing out that for me, the listing says that it is not compatible with the Nexus Player, but certainly is fine for the NVIDIA SHIELD. The game costs $3.99 which is a sale price, with Rockstar stating that it is a 40-percent reduction. So you can expect this one to go up to about $6.99 in due course.


If you are less into the whole steal a car type of game and would much rather get down to business with a shaman panda and a lizard sidekick, then JuJu might be worth checking out. This is a platform game and one which comes with far more friendlier animations. This is a game which normally retails for $9.99, however, until Valentine's Day is available as part of NVIDIA sale will only set you back $4.86. This one again offers controller support and is not compatible with the Nexus Player.

Dustoff Heli Rescue for Shield

Next up is another SHIELD exclusive game and this one is designed more for those who prefer aerial action. Dustoff Heli Rescue is a helicopter game which is set over 25 search and rescue missions. Players will need to make use of three different helicopters and their specific characteristics to complete the various missions involved. This game normally costs $2.99 but is currently available as part of the NVIDIA sale for only $1.45.

This War of Mine

Next we have a very popular game at the moment, This War of Mine. If you missed the earlier coverage of this game, this is not your typical game. This is not a happy game or one which is designed to necessarily be fun. This is a role-playing simulation game which highlights some of the rawer aspects of war from the civilian perspective. Keeping yourself and those around you alive by scavenging for food, medicine and avoiding the various other scavengers is all part of the parcel. This game has been receiving rave reviews so far, although it will not be for everyone. For those who are interested, this is one of the games seeing the biggest discounts this week, with its normal $14.99 price tag dropping down to $4.99.


From scavenging for food to scavenging for treasure, next up is Windward. This is a role-playing adventure game which allows you to sail the high seas looking for treasure and avoiding conflict with other ships. While this is a nice option for single player, this is also great option for those looking for a good multi-player game. Not to mention, this one is also seeing a big discount with its normal $9.99 price now dropped down to $3.30.


Up next is Submerged and unlike the previous games, this one is not available through the Play Store and instead has to be purchased through NVIDIA's store directly. In terms of the game, this one allows you to play as Miku, a girl who is searching a flooded city for the cure to her brother's illness. Those looking for a more story-heavy game will enjoy this one and its various puzzles This game normally retails for $19.99, but over the weekend can be picked up for only $13.39. Worth noting that this one also includes a Steam digital key as well.

The Park

This game does boast one similarity to the last as The Park focuses on a mother's search for her son. But that is where the similarities end as The Park is more designed to be a shock and scare game which is helped by the backdrop being a creepy and abandoned amusement park. If you are looking for a game full of jumps and frights then the park is differently the one to check out. This one normally goes for $12.99 but can currently be picked up for only $8.69. Not forgetting, this one also comes with a Stream digital key as well.

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