Android TV: Best Buy No Longer Shipping The Nexus Player


For some time now we have been keeping a closer eye on the Nexus Player. This is the device which essentially launched the Android TV platform, it was the original consumer Android TV device and the device that was responsible for introducing many consumers to the platform. While other Android TV options have come through since the Nexus Player, they have all been priced at a higher price, therefore making the Nexus Player the go-to entry level option. Not to mention, this is a Nexus device, so as well as everything else, it is Google's product, albeit with the help of ASUS.

However, over the last few months it has become increasingly clear that the Nexus Player was nearing the end of its lifespan. This first became clear when the Google Store ran out stock, although, the listing remained in an "out of stock" status (compared to a "no longer available" status). Which did seem to suggest the Nexus Player had not been officially discontinued. Although, the warning signs have become much clearer recently, that this is a discontinued device. The Google Store still remains "out of stock" and back in December, we detailed the exact availability of the Nexus Player from all the major retailers – with the conclusion being that only Best Buy had stock of the Nexus Player. This has pretty much remained the case with all of the retailers largely remaining out of stock, with the exception of Newegg who occasionally has stock but at a significantly increased price and/or in an 'open box' state.


So since December, Best Buy was the only major retailer who seemed to be carrying the Nexus Player as a listed 'in stock' item. Although, last week we noted how the availability of the stock in-store seemed to be becoming an issue. Everywhere we checked, the Nexus Player was listed as not available for store pickup "within 250 miles". Locations checked included random zip codes in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, Idaho, New York and New Jersey. Some readers did comment that stock was showing up near their current location and so it did seem there were some Nexus Players floating around. Either way, you could still order the Nexus Player from Best Buy online and have it shipped to you.

According to the Best Buy website though, not anymore. Best Buy is now listing the Nexus Player as an item which is no longer available to ship. In fact, by all accounts, it does look like Best Buy is now running out of stock as the "add to cart" button has now been replaced with a "Check Stores" button. So you literally cannot add the Nexus Player to your cart anymore. Especially as noted last week, it is very difficult to actually find the Nexus Player in stock at a store and unless you do, there is no option via Best Buy to buy now. If you do have one in a store near you, then it is increasingly looking as if you are one of the few who can still get your hands on a Nexus Player… from one of the major retail outlets that is.

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