AltspaceVR Brings Social Virtual Reality To Samsung Gear VR


There is little doubting the importance of virtual reality going forward. It is literally the hot industry at the moment and this is in spite of the platform still not being so widely accessible to consumers. There are a number of low key virtual reality products available, although it does seem that only Samsung currently offer a more immersive or premium solution right now to consumers. A portfolio which could be increasing in the near future with Samsung expected to introduce additional VR products in a few weeks time at MWC. That said, HTC is planning on releasing their more consumer-friendly Vive Pre in due course and this one does look to be a game changer. Although the price seems to be the big talking point at the moment.

For anyone who has tried the more immersive side of virtual reality, they will be well aware that in its current form, it is a rather singular experience. While gaming consoles offer access to another world, virtual reality effectively creates another world around you and one which is visually and audibly fully encompassing. However, AltspaceVR is a company who is looking much further forward with their approach to virtual reality and see the platform as one which has massive potential to be a social-based platform.


For those unfamiliar with AltspaceVR, the idea is to make virtual reality experiences more communal and the AltspaceVR app acts as a sort of meeting place for those in the virtual reality realm. In the grand scheme of things, it does seem that AltspaceVR could be of particular benefit and interest to the business and enterprise sectors and offer a whole new way to to host meetings, briefings and other work-related gatherings. However, in its current guise it is much more aimed towards creating a communal space where users can take part in more fun aspects liking watching video content together, playing games and generally interacting with others in a virtual reality environment. For those looking to test out AltspaceVR’s view of this more socially oriented version of virtual reality, the AltspaceVR app has now become available through the Oculus store for owners of the Samsung Gear VR.