AH Weekly Poll: Best Smartphone At MWC 2016?

February 26, 2016 - Written By John Anon

The last week has brought with it a ton of news and announcements from MWC 2016, which took place in Barcelona. A lot of the news had already been expected thanks to the number of leaks and suggestions which had come through in the build-up to the event. However, nothing still prepares the industry for everything that will be announced and MWC did bring with it a number of surprise announcements too.

In particular, there were quite a few smartphones announced. Of course, the biggest announcements came through on the Sunday when LG and Samsung both took to the stage to unveil their latest offerings for 2016. In terms of LG, this was the LG G5 which came with a sort of modular approach where the bottom could be removed and swapped out when wanted. Shortly after LG, it was Samsung’s turn to take to the stage and as had been expected, Samsung introduced their latest Galaxy handset, The Galaxy S7, sporting many of the best in class specs and a total refining of its design. Not to mention, the reintroduction of a microSD card slot and water-resistance features. The Galaxy S7 was also unveiled alongside its bigger and curved edged sibling, the Galaxy S7 Edge.

While they might have been the two biggest smartphones launched of the week, they were not the only smartphones that were unveiled. Sony was in attendance at the event and released a whole new series of smartphones, dubbed the Xperia X range. A range which we later found out is now the replacement for the Xperia Z range. While HTC had not been expected to release a smartphone at the event, they did seem to announce an international version of their HTC One X9 handset. Not forgetting that Xiaomi was another company in attendance at MWC this year and took the opportunity to announce their latest handset, the Xiaomi Mi 5. This is a high-spec smartphone which looks to significantly undercut most of the others on price. There were even more smartphones announcements as well, but out of the ones just mentioned, which one caught your attention the most?

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