Adobe Releases Lightroom 2 for Android, RAW Shooting included

February 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This morning, Adobe announced an update to their Lightroom app for Android, dubbing it ‘Lightroom 2’. It brings a lot of new features to the app, and Adobe says that they worked with professional photographer Colby Brown (the same photographer that LG used to promote the camera on the LG G4 last year) to test out the updated Lightroom on the Nexus 6P. Brown has shared a slew of photos that he took with the updated Lightroom app on his Nexus 6P, which you can see at the source link below.

In terms of additions here, Adobe brings an in-app camera to the app. Which will capture images in RAW. Allowing you to get some fantastic images, without having to rely on the post-processing from your smartphone. There are also a slew of presets available from within the camera app, this means you’ll be able to preview how the presets look before pressing that shutter button. Adobe also included a dehaze tool, so you are able to adjust the haze and fog in an image. Split Toning enhancement has made its way to Lightroom 2 as well. This enables the addition of color cast to highlights and shadows in the image you’re editing. This can create a unique stylized color image or even replicating the look and feel of a traditional toned black and white image.

Other features added in here include enhance sharing with Adobe Premiere Clip. Allowing you to share with Premiere Clip with just one tap and start crafting video stories with ease. There is also a Point mode in Curve Tool which provides complete control over the tonality and contrast of any image.

Loads of new features included here in the new version of Adobe Lightroom – now we know why it’s a bit 2.0 upgrade for the app. Lightroom is free for everyone to use, but like usual, some features will require Creative Cloud. If you are a Creative Cloud member, then you’ll have full access to every feature of Lightroom. The main Creative Cloud features here are the syncing your photos across your devices. Otherwise, Lightroom is open to anyone to use.