ZTE Launches Z-Community, Project CSX and Passport 2.0

AH 2015 ZTE LOGO Chris Sept 13

ZTE has been trying to make a bold statement in the US for years, but our government’s reluctance to deal with China companies has somewhat prevented ZTE from gaining a huge foothold.  All of that is beginning to change as Canada has welcomed them with open arms and in the US they are now becoming the prepaid phone of choice – the second largest in the US.  Today, ZTE also introduced two new prepaid phones…the ZTE Grand X3 on Cricket and the ZTE Avid Plus is on T-Mobile and MetroPCS on Cricket.

Besides these two new entry-level smartphones, ZTE is also reaching out to their customers with a new forum and with a new updated Axon Passport 2.0.  ZTE is launching a Z-Community, a member-led forum that will help shape the future of ZTE mobile devices and services, as well as using their loyal customers to help develop a community-based mobile device that they are calling Project CSX that will be revealed in 2017.  Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA stated, “In 2015, we proved we put consumers at the heart of everything we designed, built, and delivered through the Axon smartphone series.  We worked hard, persevered, and strove for greatness as defined by consumers and users.  In 2016, we are taking that approach to a new level and will look to Z-Community for more than improving upon what ZTE has already done, but how we develop products and services moving forward.” Besides helping to shape the future of ZTE devices and services, members will get executive access to events, rewards and products.  For example, ZTE sent some fans to experience New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas style – helicopter rides, seating for the latest shows and from the dance floor of a New Year’s Eve party.  You can register for the Z-Community at community.zteusa.com.


In another move to strengthen their relationship with their customers, ZTE also upgraded their protection plans for their Axon Smartphones – Axon Passport 2.0 now includes unlimited out of warranty repairs and total assistance that supports device upgrades, replacement, shipping and setup.  What Lixin Cheng says about Axon Passport 2.0, “We are confident in the performance and quality of our Axon smartphone series and our ability in being there for consumers when repairs need to be made outside of a standard warranty.  With Axon Passport 2.0 consumers can feel confident that ZTE has them covered for any of their device issues or needs.” This is a free, two-year protection plan and there is no limit on the number of requests made for out of warranty repairs.  Any consumer that wants to upgrade from an unlocked ZTE device to an Axon phone can apply up to a $100 credit towards their purchase.  ZTE will also issue a $100 credit towards a replacement Axon phone that was lost or stolen during international travel.  All shipping is free with Axon Passport 2.0 for replacements or repairs and ZTE will even help you setup and migrate your information to your new device.