YouTube Legend PewDiePie Launches Revelmode Network


Last year was definitely a big year for YouTube, and while the service themselves were silent for much of it, they hit the ground running last Fall. With the announcement of YouTube Red, the Google-owned service announced that they were ready to grow up and hit the big leagues with the likes of Netflix and others. For many, YouTube has become their primary source of entertainment, with services like Netflix and Hulu filling in the gaps, instead of a cable subscription. Now, one of YouTube's biggest and most-recognizable names is launching a new YouTube network of friends and colleagues dubbed Revelmode.

In a refreshingly-short intro video, PewDiePie (also known as Felix Kjellberg) detailed the new network that is just launching, while also describing networks a little in general. As Kjellberg states, a lot of creators on YouTube align themselves with other likeminded channels and creators to form a network of channels, this can lead to guaranteed income and collaborations. We'd guess that for a lot of YouTubers however, working with people as part of team can help with motivation and a push to regularly create content. Not a huge amount is known about Revelmode right now, but Pewds went on to detail that the new network has partnered with Maker Studios, itself owned by Google, so there could be some sort of revenue deal there as well.


As for the current lineup, Revelmode consists of gaming talents  CinnamonToastKen aka Ken Morrison, JackSepticEye aka Sean McLoughlin, Dodger aka Brooke Lawson, Kwebbelkop aka Jordi van den Bussche, Jelly aka Jelle van Vucht and Markiplier aka Mark Fischbach. Meanwhile, entertainment and music offerings are supplied by EmmaBlackery aka Emma Blackery and CutiePieMarzia aka Marzia Bisognin. Some of these have massive followings in their own right, but it is arguable that PewDiePie's 41.6 Million subscribers and 10 Billion plus views should benefit the rest of the lineup quite nicely. This could be a big deal for YouTube in general, as PewDiePie is the biggest name to come out of YouTube, and forming a network should definitely raise some eyebrows this week.

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