Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Turn On Issues After Battery Drain & Recharge


The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 launched late last year to rave reviews. For all intents and purposes, Xiaomi's newest tablet was a smash hit. Somewhat recently, however, a troubling trend is popping up. A good amount of Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 owners are reporting a disturbing type of black screen issue that the original Mi Pad apparently suffered from. If the battery is allowed to wither away and all the way down to zero, the tablet will refuse to power back on, even after hours of charging. Trying to boot it into recovery or fastboot modes apparently does not work terribly well either. The tablet may boot, but odds are low and, according to reports, it seems to only work for a limited number of times.

The issue isn't gaining prominence on the MIUI forums as yet, but one thread has a reply from a Super Moderator asking the user to try using a different charger. There have been claims that this is the proper fix and should clear the problem right up. The problem with that is that the tablet uses USB Type-C, which is currently present in a limited number of devices. This means the chances of having a spare on-hand are slim for most users. Reports of the issue for the first generation Mi Pad on Xiaomi's forums have mostly dried up or been pruned, but one in particular has many users pointing out different solutions, though nobody mentions the charger may be the issue. Most point the finger at borked software or the battery itself.


In any case, with the Mi Pad 2, the best practice is to use a different charger, if possible. Otherwise, the best options are holding the power button for ten seconds or trying to boot into recovery mode. Using Xiaomi's own PC tools has also worked for some users, but others got no results from that approach. If you've suffered this issue and cannot get the tablet to Xiaomi for whatever reason and no other solutions have worked, plugging it into a different computer and trying both Windows and Linux may make the computer recognize the tablet, and from there it can be worked with. This last resort is fairly verbose, but works with a large number of devices. Thus far, Xiaomi has not commented on the issue in their official forums, so there is no word on the possibility of a fix or a time-frame as of yet.

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