Worms 4 Brings PC Classic Wriggling Warfare To Android


Here's a checklist for you. Nostalgia. A desire to shoot big weapons. A desire to destroy things. A desire to destroy opponents. A love of earthworms. If you have any of those things, this should be music to your ears. The fourth flagship title in the long and storied Worms series is now on Android.

The Worms series got its start in 1995 as the brainchild of Andy Davidson and took the Amiga and a few other old gaming rigs by storm. Fast forward 20 years and the series has seen a whopping 22 entries with a 23rd on the way, not counting ports and spinoffs. Of those, 2005's Worms 4, originally on the Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft XBox and for PC, is the most recent flagship entry. In November of 2015, it hit the iPhone, where Worms 2 and 3 had seen some success upon their respective re-releases. After a little while on iOS, Worms 4 has finally made its way to Android, bringing a gigantic arsenal and some improved graphical oomph compared to the original.


Along with 80 single player missions, the game boasts both local and online multiplayer. The online multiplayer is real time action on a worldwide scale and even includes two factions that are constantly at war. A few new weapons are in tow, as well, and can be upgraded in some funky ways with over 100 upgrade parts. Five completely redone hand-drawn environments await to host yours and your opponents' wacky battles of wit, worm and WMD. New customization options allow each worm to have their own personal style, as well as allowing nifty things like team themes, uniforms and other such coordination. Daily challenges dole out spiffy reward and weekly world events shake up the usual monotony of sending barrages of missiles at your terrified enemies. You can also troll for loot in game or spin a wheel for it. Last but not least, the obligatory "It's a mobile game, so invite your Facebook friends." is present.

The game is available right now in the Play Store for just $2.49. No particular requirements are listed, so it should work with most devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and up, so long as you have 270 MB available on your device. In app purchases range from $.99 to $3.99, but shouldn't be essential for gameplay.

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