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Curated news apps aren't exactly few and far between. Users can open up Flipboard, open up their Google Now page or a good few other options. These apps can normally be fed some of your interests and a bit of other data, then spit out news items that the align with the data you put on. The new kid on the block is called Wildcard and it's making a good attempt to set itself apart with a beautiful, modern interface, among other features. Human curation as opposed to automated feeds, along with concise headlines and summaries help to allow users to skim content with whatever free time they may have on hand, whether it's a boring office bathroom break or an unwinding session with some evening tea after a long day.

Wildcard's rather beautiful interface follows Matias Duarte's vision of Material Design quite closely, resulting in a clean, intuitive and thoroughly modern interface that gives you a little bit of eye candy while it's getting out of your way and letting you enjoy hand-curated news. A card-based interface somewhat similar to Google Now, but with some new features and animations, presents the news that's been chosen for you piece by piece and category by category. An image and headline will greet users until they click on a story to expand it, giving them a nice little summary. From there, they can ditch the story at that point or move on to read it at the source. The app is meant to deliver the news without fuss and accomplishes its goal, for the most part. The interface is simple and clean, with touches of pure Material Design lovingly ingrained.


The design and ease of use is arguably as big a feature as the hand-curated news, but, as with any app, some users may find it a bit too simple or dislike the curators' taste in news items. As such, the app is available for free on the Play Store right now. Head through the link below to give the app a try and see handpicked news in a clean interface for yourself.


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