Volvo Developing Smarter Streaming Service For Future Cars


Tech companies are very interested in autonomous cars, as they require a lot of components that are currently used in several products. As part of the announcements of CES 2016, Volvo is introducing a new technology that would allow drivers and passengers to enjoy a compelling streaming experience when they are on the road. This technology was developed in a partnership with Ericsson and it will offer a smarter streaming service in autonomous cars.

The company pictures their cars as having two modes, one where humans get to control them and the other where they are automated, so in a highway full of cars in autonomous mode, Volvo thinks that most users would be watching video content. They mention that by 2021 almost 70% of all data traffic will be video as this data is currently growing 55% each year, according to their research. In this scenario, users would require a lot of bandwidth to stream videos seamlessly and in good quality. Using the experience of network and cloud services from Ericsson, the new technology called Concept 26, will predict the network conditions based on the selected route, so users can enjoy a streaming experience without interruptions.


Content will be tailored and optimized for the duration of the trip and buffered to deliver high-quality video at all times. There's smarter buffering and network stitching involved to create such an experience. Volvo cars will learn the most common routes and time travels, as well as streaming preferences, and they could even predict what users would like to watch in order to achieve this. The video content will also be personalized, as depending on the length of the trip, the car will suggest users to watch the latest episode of a TV show or even a movie. The company wants to provide whole new experiences in the car as the autonomous cars would give users a few extra time to do more things than just paying attention to the road. "With our future autonomous drive technology we will provide people with the freedom to choose the way they would like to commute", said Anders Tylman General Manager Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center at Volvo Car Group.


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