Video: Razer Nabu Smartwatch Unboxing

January 29, 2016 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Razer has been making tech accessories since their first gaming mouse debuted in 1999.  Primarily a gaming focused company, Razer has moved into many other areas of tech including PCs, laptops, keyboards, Android TV boxes and of course wearables.  We saw their first wearables at last year’s CES, so it’s only appropriate that this year’s CES gave us a look at some new wearable tech from Razer.  That came in the form the the Nabu Watch, a different kind of smartwatch that’s designed to be a fusion of traditional and smart watches.  This kind of hybrid tech was super popular at this year’s CES and it shows increased interest in technologies that do more than follow a certain mold.

Today we’re giving you a full unboxing to check out what’s inside that incredibly attractive packaging.  Razer’s packaging is really something to behold and often times looks more akin to something may have been taken out of a museum rather than a store shelf.  Does the product hold up to how nice the packaging looks?  We’ll certainly put it to the test over the next couple of days and weeks, but for now you’ll have to be content with seeing what’s inside that box.  Check out the video on YouTube below!