Verizon's LG V10 Gets Bug-Fixing OTA Update


Last year was a good year for LG, both in terms of devices launched as well as sales figures. The LG G4, a leather-clad improvement over the LG G3 was of course the main attraction for LG last year. Not only was the Quad HD display much, much better-looking and the software toned down even further, but the camera was excellent in pretty much every way, including full-manual controls. LG seemed to think so as well, and they made the V10 pretty much around the G4's camera, while adding in even more modes and much better video-recording features. We reviewed the LG V10 last Fall and found it to be a pretty decent smartphone, especially if you want a phone that does it all with a touch of ruggedness about it.

Devices launch and sometimes they launch with bugs and little quirks, most of the time these are fixed close to release, and indeed this was the case with the V10. Some bugs keep on coming back or just refuse to go away, and so Verizon is sending customers on their network with a V10 a bug fix update this week to quash some left over nasties. There's not too much to write home about here, but if you're a user of QRemote to keep your devices controlled from your phone, you'll be happy to hear this no longer crashes when used from the notification tray. The contacts app has also seen some fixes as has dual window mode. The new software version is VS99011B and for a look at everything it has to offer, users can take a look at the shot below as well as the source link for instructions straight from Verizon.


Device updates are never all that much fun, but if you were experience a bug like one of the above, then Verizon has come along and fixed these for you, at long last. Those interested in LG's new offerings can take a look at our hands-on with the new K-Series of smartphones here, and for more CES 2016 new keep on coming back for hands-on and more.

LG V10 VS99011B Update

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