Unlimited Data Returns to AT&T Tomorrow, Sort Of

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In 2010, a couple of iterations after the iPhone had been available – exclusive to AT&T of course – and Android was still very new, and not that pretty. AT&T was the first carrier that opted to go from offering unlimited data to offering data buckets. Now, almost 6 years later, AT&T is looking to bring unlimited data back to their network. However, there are some conditions here, some big ones actually.

Since AT&T bought DirecTV last year, and the deal was finalized and approved by regulators. AT&T has been looking to gain more users for U-Verse and DirecTV. They’ve tried bundling the services together, and now they are offering a pretty big bundle. So those that are existing DirecTV or U-Verse customers or new customers, will be able to get unlimited data from AT&T. The company says that they are looking to target those that would be more likely to stream media over their network, which would be those with a DirecTV or U-Verse subscription. According to AT&T.


Now the other condition, is the fact that AT&T will limit their unlimited customers to 22GB of data per month. They say that they may slow down your speeds once you hit that soft cap. But it’s not definite. So unlimited data, still isn’t really unlimited. As far as pricing goes, AT&T is charging $100/month for one line with unlimited data. Each additional line would cost you $40/month and the fourth line is free. This is a really good deal for families, actually. This means you’ll be able to have four lines with unlimited data each, for $180/month. Now that’s still in addition to signing up for U-Verse or DirecTV here. So that’s not your entire bill. AT&T is also still offering up to $500 in incentives for you to switch on over to their network. Where they will pay off your ETF and any other fees to get you to switch. However this is only for those that are already U-Verse or DirecTV customers, that aren’t using AT&T as their mobile carrier.

This should be a great way to get some customers back onto their network, and sign up for TV through DirecTV or U-Verse. On January 12th, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited data once again on AT&T.