Uber comes to the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Uber is perhaps the most popular ride-sharing service available. And in fact, a recent report stated that more people are using Uber than traditional taxi services. Likely due to the better experience and better price. We’ve seen Uber getting integrated into all sorts of apps already, including Facebook Messenger. Allowing you to call an Uber from right within the Facebook Messenger app. Now, Uber has made its way onto the Samsung Gear S2. Allowing you to request a ride right from your wrist. Samsung released a new ad for the Uber app on the Gear S2, which you can take a look at down below.

In addition to requesting and Uber (which you can choose from the different Uber types available in your area including Uber XL and Uber Black), you can also add a pre-set destination. Unfortunately you can’t input an address into the app, which would be a bit difficult to do anyways even with voice control. But if you have home or work addresses already set in the Uber app, you can set that as your destination. You are also able to rotate the smartwatch’s bezel and view information about your Uber driver, including how long before he arrives at your location. Again, a pretty sweet feature to have on your wrist.

Samsung has been working hard to bring more and more apps to the Gear S2. As that seems to be one of the biggest drawbacks of smartwatches and their platforms, the lack of apps. With the Gear S2 using Tizen and not Android Wear, Uber had to build it’s own app for the Gear S2. Which is both good and bad. It means there is now an extra app you need to download, but it should also give you a much better experience over Android Wear. So far, other ride-sharing apps haven’t made its way to the Gear S2 just yet. But it shouldn’t be long before we see Lyft appear on the Gear S2. Especially with it gaining more popularity by the week. Not to mention the fact that GM has just invested $500 million with Lyft.