Uber Becomes first Ride-Sharing Service for the Super Bowl

Uber AH 00002

This weekend, we will learn the two teams that will take part in the fiftieth Super Bowl that’s set for next month in Santa Clara at the San Francisco 49ers home field of Levi Stadium. The Super Bowl is said to be the biggest sporting event, and with this being the fiftieth, it’s bigger than ever before. Typically, Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing services are not able to access the Super Bowl Stadium on game day. However, Uber will be able to access the stadium, and you’ll be able to take an Uber to the game on February 7th.

It’s being reported that Uber gave the Super Bowl Host Committee anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 for this honor. The committee is in charge of all of the logistics on game day, and that includes transportation. With all of the events going on at Levi Stadium leading up to the big game, Uber has designated pick up and drop off zones for those that need a ride. This is a big deal for Uber, as the Super Bowl is taking place in the San Francisco-Bay area, which is Uber’s home. And the company is excited to be able to take part in celebrating the big game.


Fans now have several options to get to the venue for the game on February 7th. However, Lyft and other ride sharing services won’t be able to take you there. Only Uber, Taxi’s, public transportation and there is a $55 Express Bus which they are dubbing the “Fan Express”. While you can’t take Lyft (who’s home town is also San Francisco), there are still plenty of other ways to make it to the game on time and be sure you don’t miss a single minute of action.

The Super Bowl started in 1967, with the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the Green Bay Packers. This was the first AFL-NFL Championship game, after the AFL and NFL merged which started in the 1966 season. Since then, we’ve crowned 48 other NFL Champions and come February 7th, 2016 in the Bay area, we’ll crown the 50th. Right now the four teams still in the hunt include the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals, and as of this Sunday, it’ll be narrowed down to just two.