Top 10 Android Wear Apps and Faces - January 2016 Edition

Every month we take a look at some of the newest Android Wear watch faces and apps and put together a list of the Top 10 from the past month or so. Our first edition for January 2016 has apps that will make mundane tasks easier, help you find new places and help make that new Android Wear watch look all nice and shiny with fresh watch faces. So, let's get started, shall we?

Havana Watch Face

Without a doubt, Cuba has been in the news for the past few months now, and with good reason. President Obama might be winding down his second and final term in office, but bringing Cuba back into the Western world seems something he is determined to do. Regardless, Cuba has been a tourist destination for decades, and thanks to its car culture and rich history. With this colorful watch face you can bring a little of the Cuban fun to your wrist, and brighten up your January in the process.

Wear Timelase Calculator

If you're a budding filmmaker, you know how great a timelapse can be, and how useful they can be when putting together a final film. Great for setting the scene, showing your dedication and more, there's a lot to love about taking a quality Timelapse. While this little Wear app might not make you CaseyNeistat overnight, it's worth checking out and takes the head-scratching away for those just starting out.

Watch Face: Deadpool

Deadpool has been in the headlines as well recently, with a trailer debuting over Christmas and anticipation building for what's sure to be one of the funniest superhero movies of 2016. Comic book fans, and even those that just loved the video game from a couple years ago, will enjoy this little watch face on their wrist. It's nothing major, and there's not too much to look at, but it has the man himself as well as the date and battery life.

My Places Wear

This is a neat little app that has a good phone app to work with the Android Wear side of things, and all it does is allow you to log places and their locations from your phone - or watch - and then bring them up on your watch whenever you want. This sort of thing is great for tourists or just logging exactly where you left the car. This relies on Google Map's excellent catalogue and it has a simple Material Design theme that makes good use of a card UI as well. Plus, it's free!

Pavilion Watch face

Okay, so you got a fancy new Huawei Watch for Christmas or a new Moto 360 in the sales and you want something "fancy" for your watch to prove you're a grown up and can not only read an analog watch, but also Roman numerals. The Liongate Pavilion watch face should do just that for you, it's pretty understated in its approach, but it definitely has that fancy watch look about it, and it'll work well in an office or when you need to look like, well, a grown up.

Recordr - Sound Recorder Pro

Many a sound recorder for Android has an Android Wear element to it, but it's not enough to work on Android Wear itself, the whole package needs to be great. This is just what Recordr aims to do; offer a complete package. There's a great phone app that allows for technical recording changes, name changes and more, as well as a simple Android Wear interface to keep recording incognito or from your wrist to free up your hands, but the quality of recording will vary from watch-to-watch.


Periphery is an Android app that's all about finding out what's near you, and it has a simple, easy-to-use Android Wear element to you. Just like My Places Wear, this relies upon Google Maps to get you all the right information, and it does so in style. There's a lot to like about this little app, and while it could do with some more polish, it will get you wear you need to go regardless of whether you're using your phone or watch.

HuskyDEV Black Classic Watch

For those looking for an attractive analog watch face that still offers a lot of data, this option from HuskyDEV is worth looking into. With excellent weather forecast information that's detailed and easy-to-follow and Google Fit data, there's a lot in this interactive watch face. To get everything done from one watch face, including quick toggles as well as music controls, this HuskyDEV face will suit your needs and there's a lot on offer in the free version of the app, which is refreshing to say the least.

Travel Converter

Getting currency conversions on Android is really easy, asking Google is so simple, but sometimes it's nice to have a dedicated app on hand as well. That's what Travel Converter is, it'll deal with the vast majority of different currencies used across the globe, and it's easily accessible from your Wrist. There's no need to talk to your watch to figure out how much something costs with this, which might be a big plus for those looking to stay under-the-radar a little bit.

Insight for Wear

Insight is an interesting app that wants to offer a different way of doing things on Android Wear. It not only offers all the Google Fit data you want and insights into your activities, but it can neatly list notifications as well as battery usage, too. Currently, this is in Beta, but it's a great idea for those looking to do more with Android Wear as well as find something more about themselves, too. As a bonus, it's free without any in-app purchases or ads!

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