The Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Features Bandai Namco Hits

Humble Bundle has been the outlet for many great deals in the mobile gaming space over the years, and although they are no longer doing a new mobile bundle every two weeks like clockwork, when they announced the changes to the game bundles for going forward, they did state that some mobile bundles would be making their way into the mix, while the majority of bundles would be focused on simply delivering games with a collection from both mobile and PC. As of today, the very first mobile only bundle since the changes has appeared and it's centered around a handful of hits from Bandai Namco including PAC-MAN Chamnpion Edition.

As part of the bundle and like nearly every other bundle before it, you can pay what you want to unlock three games, which include Crush The Castle, PAC-MAN Kart Rally, and Flight Control. Paying whatever you want means you can pay anywhere from $0.50 to a few bucks, but as with all game bundles there is always some incentive to pay just a little bit more. If you pay more than the average amount which is sitting at $4.82 at the time of writing, you can unlock the above mentioned PAC-MAN Champion Edition, as well as two other titles including Puzzle Quest 2 (Full Edition), and Ridge Racer Slipstream Special Edition.

Lastly, if you pay more than $5 for the mobile bundle you'll also unlock a copy of PAC-MAN CE DX and since the average amount is so close to this price, you might as well as go for the $5 and above option to get every game in the bundle. Those familiar with these packs of games will also know that Hubme Bundle always ends up adding more games to the bundle around a week later, and that trend continues and gamers should end up seeing at least two new titles thrown in sometime next week. If you pay the average amount or the $5 these games will be added into the bundle for you at no extra charge, but if you wait the average amount could end up being more than the $5, so it's best to hop on this bundle right away if you're a fan of Bandai Namco games.

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