The JBL Legend CP100 is the Best Android Auto Head Unit!

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

While it’s true, the JBL Legend CP100 is not yet available, it’s still going to be the best head unit for Android Auto, for now. And there’s a couple of reasons why. But two stand out the most. One is the price, it comes in at under $400. And for an Android Auto head unit, that is a pretty darn good price. Considering the others start at around $700. Not to mention the Legend CP100 is also just for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (of course FM Radio is also included).

Sure it’s nice to have HD radio, Pandora and all of these other features in these head units from Pioneer and Kenwood, many of us who just want to use Android Auto, don’t need all of these extra features and for the most part the features go unused. For instance, I’ve been using the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX in my car for almost a year now. While it is a great head unit, and I have no real complaints about it. The only features I’ve really used are Android Auto and the HD Radio (when I’m driving short distances and don’t want to plug in my phone for Android Auto). Everything else has gone unused and essentially wasted. Especially the rear view camera that is included in the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX, considering the actual camera is extra but the software still shows the options for the camera.

Now coming in at $399.95 for the JBL Legend CP100 still isn’t that cheap, it’s the cheapest head unit announced so far though. And many people could likely part ways for $399.95 over $749.99 for one of the competing head units. The JBL Legend CP100 will be available this Spring, and we are excited about trying it out.

Google has stated that over 400 cars are going to be available this year with Android Auto, and there are plenty more head units coming out as well. 2016 might be the year of Android Auto, although we’re only a few weeks into the new year, so it’s still a bit tough to gauge that just yet. It’s defintiely going to be an exciting year, especially with Ford and Chrysler having recently jumped into the Android Auto pool.