Telegram Update Makes Sending GIFs 20x Faster Than Before

AH Telegram 2

If you use the Telegram messaging app you're in for a nice little update that should make using it much, much more enjoyable. GIF images happen to not only be quite entertaining, but they're a widely used form of media across different platforms. Not everyone loves GIFs, but if you're the type to insert one any chance you get, Telegram is making it simpler for you to send them quickly as the new update introduces the ability to send GIFs faster in messages. In addition, the update also brings Inline bots to the table so users can more easily access communication with bots without having to add them to conversations manually like adding any other user.

To access inline bots, all a person has to do now following the latest Telegram update is mention the name of the bot, for example, @gif, @wiki, or @imdb, and if the user also inserts any keywords for things they want information or details on, the bot will then respond with the relevant information the user is asking for and with that content shown on screen just below the conversation box and above the keyboard, users can tap on what they want to include in the chats. It's that simple. This should save users time. Also a time saver is the improved ability to send GIF images much quicker than before, as according to Telegram's blog post, sending GIF images inside of the Telegram app is 20x faster than what it was prior to this update. If you're a GIF hound then this should be one of your favorite parts about the app update.


Telegram explains that quicker GIF sending is made possible by their re-encoding methods. When users insert a GIF, Telegram now re-encodes the image into an mpeg4 video, which Telegram states takes up less space, (about 95% less) without any degradation to the quality of the image. In addition, GIF images now play automatically and can be played alongside multiple other GIFs simultaneously on the same screen, provided there is more than one GIF on screen at a time. When paired with the inline bots, users can really get into sending GIFs quickly and easily by using the @gif mention.



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