Teen's Game Iced In Newest Samsung SmartThings Ad


Samsung's SmartThings IoT solution suite is designed to help make your life a bit easier with tons of convenient features, but it can be a real lifesaver in some scenarios, as their ads have shown. Things like smart plugs and thermostats, lighting and appliances are just a few of the many items featured in the SmartThings collection. In numerous advertisements, Samsung has shown, in fairly creative and comedic ways, how these SmartThings items can link up to makeĀ a comprehensive smart home out of just about any old house. In the latest SmartThings spot, Samsung helps a father to know when somebody's touched the thermostat even when he's out and about.

A teenage boy, referred to in the description as Danny, seems to have nabbed himself a study buddy who he's interested in doing more with than just studying. On the way into the kitchen, Danny turns up the thermostat from a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius to a much warmer 35 degrees. After a little while, predictably, the girl that Danny has invited over takes off her shawl, eliciting a smile from our teenage troublemaker. While the femme fatale is doing some honest-to-goodness studying, Danny is busy studying her. It's at this point that Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem alerts dad, who's simply chilling at the park, that his kitchen is starting to heat up a bit via a notification on his constant companion, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Dad decides not to stand for it and throws some serious ice on his son's game by setting the thermostat back to 20 degrees, prompting our ingenue to give her shawl another chance. With a weary look on his face, the foiled boy's eyes and mind go back to his laptop.


Funny scenarios like this are the result of careful integration of multiple SmartThings apparatus in most cases, but the star of the show here was definitely the thermostat. Whether it's preventing a stove fire, catching your sneaky teen in the act or icing a not-so-studious student's ulterior motives, Samsung's SmartThings IoT solution suite seems well prepared to handle real life scenarios.

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