Tasker Dev Updates ‘Join’ App With SMS From Any Browser Feature

January 18, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Sending things back and forth between devices used to be a pain to do, but thankfully over the years a number of apps have risen to the challenge of making this a less painful and less frustrating task. A somewhat new app called ‘Join’ is one of those apps, currently in beta status and yet to reach the Play Store for anyone who isn’t currently a beta tester. The developer behind the app, who is also responsible for offerings such as Tasker that now supports the Gear S2, as well as the associated plugins for Tasker, has just updated Join with a new feature that allows users to send SMS messages from any browser and essentially from any device.

This means for anyone who bounces between laptop or desktop, smartphone, and tablets, the ability to send SMS messages by way of your smartphone is now possible without having to use an extension for Join. Prior to this update there was a requirement for the extension to be installed, which also meant users had to be browsing through Chrome. The one requirement now is that the app needs to be allowed to feed the user a popup for the Google account sign-in, after which users are free to message to their heart’s content and from whatever device they like.

To use Join, you’ll have to be a beta tester as the app is not currently listed in the Play Store for just anyone. Joining the beta test doesn’t require you to be approved to join a community as users can simply click to be part of the test, at which point the app will then appear in the Play Store for download. Aside from sending SMS messages from different devices, users can also send files, clipboards, notifications and other things between devices easily. Join also allows you to share your location and push links to other devices too, so if you were looking for an alternative to something like Pushbullet this could be it. The app is free to download and free to use, and while the design still carries a rather basic looking UI, the functionality appears to work quite well.