Tap'n Slide Offers Android Gamers a Frustrating Challenge


The world of mobile gaming has become something that splits players into one of two camps, those that want console-style games and lots of them, and those that want a simple challenge that doesn't take up too much time or ask too much of them. Tap'n Slide is yet another of those games, and is completely free to download, without any pesky in-app purchases. It's a simple Android game that mostly trades on being a real frustrating challenge for players. Graphics might not be the game's strong suit, and instead it offers repetitive and addictive gameplay for players.

The idea is simple, players just need to tap to move their block forward, and avoid the sliding blocks. These sliding blocks become more frequent as time goes on, leaving players less room to squeeze on through, and giving players a little flexibility in the way that they play. They can either play with a steady and cautious pace, biding their time as they negotiate the blocks, or they can breeze on through everything as they try and complete as much of the course as possible. When playing Tap'n Slide, scores are kept on how far someone has managed to complete the course and how long they lasted, and of course there's Google Play Games integration for players to share their scores with friends and family. These games clearly follow in the footsteps of the likes of Flappy Bird (which wasn't all that original itself), but these games are often good fun and competitive players that enjoy getting a high score will always find something to enjoy about games like Tap'n Slide.

While there might not be any in-app purchases features in Tap'n Slide, there are certainly ads included here, of the video variety that appear in-between your different plays, but at least there aren't any ads displayed over the top of your gameplay, which is nice. Those interested in yet another simple game that might keep you staring at your phone for a lot longer throughout the day can download Tap'n Slide at the Play Store by clicking below, and there's a gallery of screenshots below as well.



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