T-Mobile’s 4 Lines/6 GB For $140 Promotion Is Over

January 21, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

T-Mobile’s biggest claim to fame the past few years, aside from making changes to the wireless industry as a whole one after another or causing all kinds of controversy, is their value. While not the cheapest carrier out there, they are one of the best out there at giving consumers more bang for their buck. Part of how this is accomplished is through near-constant promotional offers. All good things must come to an end, however, and such was the fate of their most recent promotion as of this Monday. As confirmed just today, T-Mobile has ended their promotional offering of 4 lines with 6 GB of high-speed data each for $140 a month. As with any other plans, the lines came with unlimited text, talk and 4G data. The rather successful deal, which kicked off on Wednesday, November 11 of 2015, lasted for a grand total of 69 days, officially meeting its end this past Monday.

Those wanting to jump ship from their current carrier and give T-Mobile a try will now have to pay $5 more per line if they want to sign up themselves and three others, totalling up to $140 per month. Naturally, both cheaper and more expensive plans are available featuring less and more high-speed data allotment. A completely unlimited high-speed data plan is available to a family of four for $220, which includes the usual trappings of unlimited calling and texting. T-Mobile has been shown to throttle especially heavy users on unlimited plans under certain conditions, but for most, the unlimited plan should suit a heavy gaming, heavy streaming, constantly connected lifestyle just fine.

T-Mobile’s pricing shown here, of course, does not include device prices, which can range from below $5 all the way up into the $40’s per month, depending on the device and the terms. The plans do include all of T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” benefits, such as JUMP! On Demand and BingeOn, for those interested. The current prices cannot beat rival Sprint, who is willing to cut them in half for transferring customers, however they are lower than those of Verizon and AT&T. There was no word on when or if another similar promotion may kick off.