T-Mobile Shares Tips in Prep for Winter Storm Jonas

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Many of you already know that there is a pretty big Winter Storm set to hit the Northeastern United States this weekend. In fact some parts of Virginia and Maryland are slated to get around 8 inches of snow beginning tonight. With big storms like Winter Storm Jonas, it’s likely that people will lose power, and even cell towers may lose power. However T-Mobile (and likely the other carriers as well) are working on making sure that their network stays up and running. With generators, Cell-On-Wheels and much more in the affected areas. T-Mobile is also having their stores set up charging stations during and after the storm. So anyone can walk in and charge up their smartphone, even if they aren’t a T-Mobile customer.

In addition to that, T-Mobile has also shared some tips for Winter Storm Jonas, which apply to other storms as well. One of the biggest tips is to make sure your smartphone is charged. Also, if you have any power banks or battery packs laying around, you’ll want to charge those as well so you can recharge if you need to. T-Mobile also recommends you sending text messages rather than calling people. The reason for this is that text messages are less strain on a network, and when the storm has already damaged the network and everyone is trying to call each other and make sure everyone’s okay, some calls aren’t going to go through. Plus, text messages use less battery power. Which coincides with the first tip. T-Mobile also recommends using WiFi Calling. If the cellular network is not working, WiFi Calling will still work – as long as WiFi is still working obviously. And again, it will save battery. Finally, T-Mobile also recommends using that power saving mode on your smartphone. Sure it turns off many features, but in a storm like this, it’s definitely worth it.

Thousands of flights have already been cancelled in and out of the Northeast, and many more will be cancelled over the next few days as they dig out of all this snow Mother Nature has given them. If you’re in the affected area, make sure to stay safe as long as you can. It’s also recommended to stay inside during this blizzard/winter storm.