T-Mobile Announces the #BallBusterChallenge

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

T-Mobile has been bragging lately about how improved their network is in many parts of the country. T-Mobile customers know how much the network has improved in some areas, but there are still those that don’t believe it. After rolling out their “corrected” version of Verizon’s balls ad yesterday, today the carrier is announcing the #BallBusterChallenge, which is targeting Verizon customers. Which will be starting in Seattle on January 26th, and then head down to Santa Clara, CA on February 1st. Essentially what T-Mobile is doing here is showing that their network is great in areas you wouldn’t expect it.

So what is happening here is that Verizon customers that are 18 years and older can come take part in the challenge. They just need to appear with their Verizon smartphone in hand so they can compare Verizon’s network with T-Mobile’s side by side. The challenge will compare voice calls, texts and data speeds. This should go without saying, but blocked or dropped calls, failed text delivery and slowest data speeds will be a category loss for either carrier. And if Verizon’s network wins in two out of the three categories then the customer will get $100 in cold hard cash. If T-Mobile wins in two out of the three categories, the $100 is kept, and the Verizon customer will pose for a photo with the “network sign of shame”.

This is actually a really great way for T-Mobile to show customers how their network has changed in recent months and even years. Without the customer having to switch over to T-Mobile or spend any money either. Now T-Mobile is likely going to be spending some money. Simply because while their network is great and all, they still don’t have the footprint that Verizon has. It’ll be interesting to see how many pictures are taken with the “network sign of shame” however. Pretty interesting to see T-Mobile trending upward while Sprint is trending downward.

T-Mobile says that they’ll be stopping in cities and towns where you wouldn’t expect to see T-Mobile coverage. They didn’t mention any specific cities other than Seattle and Santa Clara, so we’re not sure what other cities they’ll be stopping by.