Sprint’s New Promotion Is $200 Trade-In Towards An LG G4

January 21, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Sprint has been on somewhat of a promotion blitz of late. Which is understandable as they are a company who is consistently hitting the headlines for being in trouble. It was only this morning when reports emerged that Sprint’s parent company, SoftBank has seen their stocks drop due to the Sprint situation. As such, it makes sense that would take a more aggressive approach to attracting customers and that is what they have being doing with their continued ‘cut your bill in half’ promotion.

Well, it seems Sprint is now preparing a new promotion which kicks off tomorrow and this one is designed to put an LG G4 in the hands of customers. The short of the promotion is that Sprint are offering other carrier customers the option to switch to Sprint and trade-in any smartphone. In return, they can receive a $200 trade-in value towards the LG G4. Sprint does not specify criteria for the smartphones that can be traded-in and while they do say any, it is likely there is a finite limit on that sentiment. Presumably, you will have to trade-in a relatively recent smartphone to get the value. Of course, there is the additional benefit to Sprint to try and offload G4 stock, as it is largely expected that LG will be introducing the next-generation device, the LG G5, in the coming weeks. So there is the chance many of the carriers will be looking to get rid of excess G4 stock going forward and this could be a good method by Sprint to try and get through some stock earlier than others.

Either way, if you are thinking about switching over to Sprint and did happen to have your eye on the LG G4, then now seems like a reasonably good time to do so. The promotion kicks off tomorrow, January 22, and will run throughout the weekend and close up on Monday Jan 25. If you are already a Sprint customer, then the deal is open to you as well, if you want to upgrade your device. Either way though, whether new or existing customer, you will be expected to sign up for a new two-year contract. Those interested can find out more by heading through the source link below and reading the press release from Sprint.