Sprint’s Latest Regional Presidents Hires are New to the Company

January 15, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

In the last few years, there’s been a lot of shake ups. After Sprint was unable to convince the FCC to allow them to merge with T-Mobile after SoftBank bought them, Sprint went ahead and got a new CEO and drastically changed just about everything about the company. Begun cutting costs, dropping the price of their rate plans and have even laid off a number of workers  – with plenty more layoffs coming this month. The company is looking to cut around $2.5 billion from any and every area of the company. Executives have stated that the company is simply wasting money on things that don’t need to be done. Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure has also brought in a number of new executives amid this shuffle. Just yesterday they named 6 new regional presidents, and all but one of them are new Sprint employees. Perhaps a fresh start for management will help Sprint?

Those hired as regional presidents for Sprint include Johan Chung, Jim Mills, Glen Flowers, Conrad Hunter, Greg Post and Karen Paletta. Right now, Paletta is the only current Sprint employee that received a promotion. She was their regional vice president for consumer sales in the Northeast. With these new hires, Sprint is working on a new strategy for the company. They are splitting the country into four geographic areas. And then there will be 17 regions split off from there, which will all report to the four area presidents. Currently, only two area presidents have been named. And with these 6 new hires, Sprint has 11 regional presidents set up. This new structure is slated to rollout in 2017.

As Sprint’s CFO, Tarek Robbiati has stated in cutting costs, nothing is off limits. Sprint had initially planned to have 19 regions, and decided to cut that down to 17. Now this isn’t new, as other carriers also have split the country up into various regions for different reasons. While Sprint is mostly looking outside of the company for new regional presidents, a handful have been promoted along with Paletta, who will keep her current position until the new One Sprint initiative is rolled out next year.