Sprint Lets Go of 2,500 Employees to Cut Down on Costs

Sprint AH 00118

As a way to cut down on costs, Sprint has started laying off their employees. According to earlier reports, the carrier has already laid off up to 2,500 employees. Most of the people they laid off were from customer service positions from call centers throughout the country. With the layoffs, the company has decided to completely shut down four of the call centers operating in Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and New Mexico. Meanwhile, another two of these call centers located in Overland Park and Colorado will be scaled back.

While it has been reported that the company has laid off at least 2,500 individuals, about 2,000 of these individuals are from the customer service posts. The remaining number of laid off individuals come from those placed at the headquarters of the company situated in Kansas. At the start of the year, the company had boasted of a total of 33,000 employees. Even though there is a large number of layoffs, it still is a pretty big company. Despite the sad occurrence, the layoffs of these individuals were not exactly a surprise. As a matter of fact, many have anticipated this to happen anytime soon. This is particularly since the company has fallen onto the fourth spot on the wireless market. And ever since they reached this spot, Sprint has been trying hard to cut their costs dramatically and save $2.5 billion of their money.


After realizing this, the parent company of Sprint announced months ago that they will be cutting thousands of jobs as part of its cost savings plan. Apart from cutting jobs, the company also plans to cut down on network costs and save up to $1 billion. Other areas where the company could be cutting down on costs include their administrative expenses and on information technology.
Even though it was announced that they will be laying off thousands of employees, Sprint was unclear about the exact number, but they have promised to finish notifying their employees about the status of their position before the month ends. The company has been sending out emails to laid off employees regarding their job cut and a severance benefits they were entitled to receive since last week.