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W02 is an Android Wear watch face from Forza One Studios that offers users lots of different functions while also offering lots of customizable options for the overall look and feel of the watch face. Designed only for Android Wear watches, W02 supports practically any of the current Android Wear watches out there and was tested on the Moto 360, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and the Asus ZenWatch. The functions W02 offers includes 12/24 hour time, the current temperature, weather description with icon, battery levels for watch and phone, moon phases, a smaller dial with an analog clock, time zone map or different time zone as well as of course, the date. All of this goes along with he myriad of different looks and settings users can tweak.

To get started with such a watch, users need to make sure that they have an Android Wear smartwatch, and not something like the Gear S or Pebble line of watches. W02 is available to download from the Play Store. Once installed on the user's watch, they need to set the new watch face before changing settings on the phone app.


2016-01-11 16.44.36

As you can see, there's a good deal of color options, and you can set different colors, one for the watch background and then another for the watch text. This allows you to mix things up nicely, and there's a lot of flexibility here. There are some presets as well, and so long as you have the W02 watch face active on your watch at the time, the changes are pretty much instant.

2016-01-11 16.45.23


Further down, there are some more settings to choose from, such as how the small second dial is used, along with the watch tags and time tags.

2016-01-11 16.46.27

The settings page might seem a little intimidating, but it's actually nice and easy to navigate and get to grips with. Changes are straightforward and easily understood, and all you have to do is hit the "set" buttons or just wait for the changes to be made. After some tweaking, this is what I managed to put together for the Fossil Q Founder I have here:


2016-01-11 16.49.20

I went for a classic black and green look, which is nice and readable, as well as being bright, too. Of course, the choice is yours with something like W02, you can make something nice and colorful or you could go for something a little more subtle. The choice is yours. For those curious about the ambient mode, here's what it looks like with the same settings.

2016-01-11 16.49.31


I will say that in daylight (not an overhead lamp as the above shot was taken with) the W02 watch face is perfectly readable and it looks the part, too.

It's not just round watches that W02 looks good on however, as there's a square watch face included here as well, which is a real nice touch, and it offers other watches a touch of something a little different, too.

W02 3


As we said, there are a handful of different features that the W02 face can do for you as well, which makes this a pretty versatile and flexible watch face overall.

W02 4

W02 from Forza One Studios is a pretty nice Android Wear watch face, with a simple and easy to use settings app that can be used by pretty much anyone. All of the options, such as the moon phases, the weather, the temperature, a different time zone and more are all nice to see, and can offer some usefulness besides the usual clock options. There's a strange thing about the way the fonts look however, as the time, date, temperature and battery are look nice and digital, but the watch tag and weather text aren't so good-looking. The text looks out of place compared to everything else, and it would be nice to see an option to choose your own font. Still, this is perhaps a minor complaint and to say the rest of the watch face looks nice and has a lot going for it, W02 is something to try out.



  • Speed (4/5) – The phone app is nice and speedy and all the changes are made pretty much right away as well, making this a joy to play around different settings.
  • Theme (4/5) – Aside from the strange font choices for some of the watch face, W02 is a great-looking watch face, especially for those looking for something more digital no matter their shape of smartwatch.
  • Features (4/5) – W02 features all the sort of things that you'd expect an Android Wear watch face to have in it as well as some nice extras, such as the time zone maps and moon phases.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid watch face for those that like the digital look of watches and want lots of flexibility in both what their watch face can do, as well as what it looks like. With a simple and easy-to-use phone app as well, there's a lot to like about W02 and it's worth giving a go.


  • Looks good on both round and square watch faces.
  • Features lots of different customization options beyond the usual colors and styles.
  • Phone app is both easy to use as well as quick to make changes on the watch face side of things.
  • Doesn't make users work too hard to make something that looks good and is easily-read no matter the time of day.


  • Doesn't offer users a way to choose a different font for the watch tag and time zone tags.
  • More customization options for the weather icons and overall font choices would be nice to see.

All-in-all, W02 is a great watch face from the team at Forza One Studios and for those that enjoy the faux-digital look and feel of old watches, this has a lot on offer. With simple and easy-to-use choices in the Android phone app, there's more than enough to choose from him here. Compatible with both square as well as round Android Wear apps, there's no reason not to give this a try.


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