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The Cleaner is an Android app that wants to free up as much storage for users as it can, as well as make sure their devices are constantly running at their best. The app has been updated a number of times over the years and this latest version has some new tricks up its sleeve. The Cleaner splits your device into Memory, Storage and Apps allowing users to individually clean up the three biggest drains of storage and obstacles in the way of peak performance. The Cleaner is easy to use, looks good, and it can definitely be used to take back some storage and make sure that your device is clean and efficient.

Those looking to take back a little from the hungry apps and games on their device can download The Cleaner from the Play Store. When it's first launched, the Cleaner will show the first section which is Memory.


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There are different icons at the top of the display that easily separate the app into three sections. Users just need to tap and let the app do some thinking and The Cleaner will give users a figure of memory that can be cleared up, and then give users the option of unticking certain apps if they like.

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This is a pretty standard feature for apps like these, and I'm not surprised to see it here in the Cleaner, but the storage side of the app is – I feel – a little more useful.

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Here, users can choose which type of files to clear up on their device. However, there's no way of determining what's in these certain sections. For instance, "Documents & Others" on my devices shows up nearly half a gigabyte to clear, but I was unable to see what files were lumped in that section. I doubt that the Cleaner is an app that would go out of its way to delete precious data, but it would be nice to get even finer control over what the app deletes.


The third part of the Cleaner is the Apps section, which is my favorite part of the app. This allows users to easily choose how apps are presented, which is much more than Android offers if users go over to the system settings.

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In this part of the Cleaner, users can choose for themselves which apps to uninstall, and the app will uninstall them one-by-one in a batch. This is a big timesaver, and something that frequent gamers and those keen to try out new apps will find particularly useful.


2016-01-27 16.52.31

The Cleaner also features a number of different themes that users can choose from to spruce the app up a little.

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These themes are in-app purchases, but users can also remove ads and get access to all of these themes through one single in-app purchase.

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There are countless apps like The Cleaner available in the Play Store, and while I do see some value in them, I only really use certain features from them. This is because I'm lucky enough to have a device with 4GB of RAM however, those with 1GB or perhaps 2GB would certainly benefit from a quick memory clean every now and then. What I'm more interested in however, is the apps and storage sections of The Cleaner. I might have a lot of free space on my device, but as someone who relies on a computer to make a living, I end up taking the same paranoia across to my phone. If there's no need for something to take up space on my device, I want rid of it, and The Cleaner does help here. The apps section makes it not only really easy to sort apps by a number of criteria, but also to get rid of more than one at the same time. This makes cleaning your device nice and simple. I do wish the Storage part of The Cleaner gave me more information about each item, but that's not much of a deal breaker.



  • Speed (4/5) – The Cleaner runs well on my devices, and it can definitely give your device a little boost, especially when playing games.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – The default theme is a little drab, but having said that the UI is easily-navigated and there are themes available to purchase as well.
  • Features (4/5) – The Cleaner covers all of the bases for an app like this, and with some more info in the Storage section it'd be one of the best for cleaning up your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you're looking for an Android app that can speed up your device as well as give you some control over what things are removed or which apps are closed, then the Cleaner is worth looking into.


  • User interface is easy to follow and allows users without oodles of knowledge to speed up their devices.
  • Gaming boost is a great way of speeding up a phone or tablet before loading a heavy game.
  • Separates cleaning into three sections; Memory, Storage and Apps. This makes performing specific jobs cleaning up a smartphone or tablet nice and easy.
  • Gives users control over which apps are closed or what files are deleted.


  • Could provide more data in the Storage section of the app.
  • No free themes included beside the default one.

The Cleaner is not an entirely original app, there are many apps out there that do this sort of thing, but the Cleaner does its best to streamline the process. The end result is something that feels like a middle ground between something designed to be super-simple and something with some added control, a nice compromise that's simple enough for the average user but ticks a few of the more advanced users' needs out there.


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