SomaFM Radio Turns To Free For Android Music Lovers

January 29, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you love music, streaming radio is great and chances are you may already have an app that you use on a regular basis. There are a multitude of options from services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and of course, Google Play Music as well. There are also tons of smaller streaming radio apps available like SomaFM which offers up a collection of stations that play year-round music so you’re never without any tunes. If you’re already familiar with SomaFM then you likely paid the one time cost to buy the app, if you’re not familiar with it or you are and just simply haven’t picked it up, SomaFM is now free in the Play Store so now is a good opportunity to give it a look.

As far as what SomaFM offers in regards to features, for now SomaFM remains ad-free and commercial-free. Whether or not this continues is unclear as the app states that by buying it users are helping to support the commercial-free service. That suggests that there is a possibility things could change in the future now that the app doesn’t cost anything for users. Aside from being currently commercial-free which means continuous playback uninterrupted, SomaFM also offers a mostly simple interface which isn’t hard to navigate.

When you open up the app you have a few different categories to choose from before you select a station, and you can categorize or search for things by genre, favorites, or what’s popular, so depending on what you want to hear there appears to be quite a bit of options. If you’re listening to the app and you find a song you like, SomaFM has integrated the ability to buy the song on Amazon Music and they’ve made it possible to easily share the song with friends too. If you really like SomaFM, the app offers up merchandise that can be purchased from within the app, and you can keep up on SomaFM related news and events from the news tab that’s integrated in the app too. If you’re interested in giving the app a shot, you can pick it up from the Play Store link.