SKRWT Brings High-End Mobile Photography App To Android

January 14, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

There’s a ton of photography apps for Android currently available. Most of them are fairly mediocre or even simple cash-ins that add a couple of features over the stock camera app and either cost a few cents or show ads. It’s not the easiest feat to find the cream of the crop, the best camera apps that not only add value, but do something that makes them worth using over the stock camera app. Some of these allow on-the-fly editing, some allow you to apply filters and some, such as the newly released SKRWT, are focused on high-end photography using a huge range of effects and features.

This shiny new Android app has been topping iOS photography charts and making its way into top tens and best app lists since its debut in 2014, but it took a while to get it over to Android. Touted as “the missing link in high-end smartphone photography”, SKRWT charges onto Android brandishing an insane amount of features with a rather catchy battlecry of “All hail symmetry”. The ability to correct lens distortion and converging lines is on board as a flagship feature, as well as all-purpose lens correction that can be used to correct shots from adapters, DSLRs or GoPros. Vignette correction allows shots with a vignette to be set back to normal, just in case. Automatic cropping, an adjustable and customizable grid, a ratio option and an instant mirror filter are all waiting to tweak your photos on the fly as they’re being shot. Afterward, a sorted gallery, pre-import previews, built-in EXIF reading capabilities, an option to overwrite the original with the edited and a nicely updated interface that’s meant to be intuitive and non-destructive should all help to sort, stow and post-edit your pictures. The app is set to always save in full resolution and comes with what’s being called a “wow effect guarantee”.

The app costs only $0.99 in the Play Store with no word on any changes in price, so anybody on the fence can give it a go for less than an impulse-lane candy bar at the supermarket. If you’re a photography buff, want to up your recreational picture game or you just have a buck or so in Google Play credit sitting unused, head through the link below¬†to see if SKRWT is for you.