Ski Safari 2 Snowboards onto Android

January 15, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

There are all sorts of games available on Android right now, including some where you can snowboard and ski against your friends by doing tricks. And that’s exactly what Ski Safari 2 is. With Ski Safari 2 you can play against your friends in the multiplayer mode and take on new tricks on both snowboards and skis. Don’t forget you can also ride on some new animals as well. Who doesn’t love riding on animals? You will be playing as Sven’s sister, Evana. As Evana you’ll need to escape the forces of nature and work with friendly animals you meet along the way, while you are racing down the mountain ahead of the upcoming avalanche.

Some of the tricks you can pull off here include 360-degree spins, handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and also put up some daring poses. While playing in multiplayer mode you can hurl snowballs, flip your friends’ screen upside-down and also pull a penguin out of your pocket, allowing for a quick escape. Pretty fun, and adds a whole other level of competitiveness to the game. While playing, you’ll collect coins that you can then use to buy new gear, crazy costumes and powerful vehicles at the shop.

In Ski Safari 2, there are three different locations that you can play on. Which includes Penguin Peaks, Jurassic Lark and Twister Canyon. Each of which have their own special and unique features. On Penguin Peaks, you’ll find a frozen Mammoth inside a cave. You can also grab a snowmobile and do some pretty amazing jumps in the game. Over at Jurassic Lark, you’ll find all sorts of dinosaurs, and you’ll be racing against the “lavalanche” (basically an avalanche but with lava from the volcano instead), and sliding along vines to survive. Finally in Twister Canyon, you’ll be trying to get away from the Twister, it’ll be tough but it can happen.

Ski Safari 2 is available on the Google Play Store today for free. It does have in-app purchases however,which start at $0.99 and go all the way up to $99. Which will allow you to buy new snowboards, skis and many other items in the store within the game.