Shazam Testing Ability To Distribute Unreleased Songs

AH Shazam 2

If you want to know which song is playing at a bar or a club you have several options, you might ask your friends if they know it, you might try to recognize the lyrics and Google them or you can simply take out your smartphone, open Shazam and let the app take care of the rest. It will not only provide the song name and the artist who performs it, but it will also show the lyrics, a link to the video and a few options so you can buy the song or stream it from certain services. The app has been getting more complex functions over time and it is now more social than ever, the app is now integrated with Facebook and Shazam launched a verified artists program to connect some artists with their fans, as they will get to see which songs are their artists listening to. Now, Shazam plans to attract more users by offering songs that hasn’t been released anywhere else yet.

Ray LaMontagne’s new album titled “Ouroboros” will be released in March 4, to promote it, Sony and the artist’s manager sent 500 postcards to some lucky fans. Users could scan the postcard using the camera in their smartphone and using Shazam, they could follow the artist and get access to a song from the new album that hadn’t been released to the public, since then, an additional song from the album was released through Shazam. To be clear, users who follow the artist without the postcard won’t have access to those songs. This is the first time the app is used to promote brand new music, but the company hopes that more artists will allow them to release songs and exclusive content through their app. “I think this will give people an idea on how to use us as an engagement tool,” said Shazam’s Chief Revenue Officer Greg Glenday.


Scanning pictures through Shazam might not be the best known feature as it was just released last year, but there has been a couple of promotions which use it, including scanning concert posters to win tickets or unlock additional content for some TV shows.