Select NVIDIA SHIELD Android & GeForce NOW Games On Sale

Nvidia sale

For those interested in Android TV, the NVIDIA SHIELD is unarguably the most powerful Android TV unit currently available. Not only is it an Android TV unit which comes with the most powerful hardware, but it is also one which comes with an extremely friendly end-user experience. Not to mention, a very clear emphasis on gaming, with a number of titles becoming available exclusively for owners of the SHIELD. Furthermore, over the last few months, NVIDIA has been routinely dropping the price on select games. The most recent of which is today with a bunch of Android and GeForce NOW games currently on sale that are compatible with both the SHIELD TV and SHIELD K1 tablet.

In terms of the actual sale, there are five dedicated Android games that are currently available at a reduced price. The first is the highly popular Hotline Miami game which is currently available for $4.99, a reduction in price of 50-percent. Likewise, the sequel, Hotline Miami 2 – Wrong Number, is also currently available with 50-percent off and is now priced at $7.49. Next up is Titan Souls which is also reduced by half and is now available for $7.49. While skate-boarding game, OlliOlli, is also seeing a half-off sale price of $6.49. Completing the dedicated Android options is Luftrausers which has also now been reduced by 50-percent and can currently be picked up for $4.99. For those who make use of the GeForce NOW service, NVIDIA also has a couple of games on sale there too. Namely, LEGO options with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO The Hobbit and LEGO The Lord of the Rings all currently on sale with a 75-percent discount. Which means you can pick them up for about $5 each.


If you are interested in picking up any of these games, the titles above are on sale right now and will remain on sale for the remainder of the month. So you have until Jan 31st to pick them up at the reduced cost. To find out more about any of the titles, head through the source link below to read the NVIDIA blog on their current winter sale.