SCOSCHE Unveils New Type-C USB Accessories


The most recent version of the Android operating system called Marshmallow or Android 6.0 brought some improvements that were not very visible, but this version supports new technologies and one of them is USB Type-C. This type of connector is supposed to be the new standard as it brings benefits such as the ability to plug the cables without worrying which side is up and which is down, it delivers power from both ends of the cable and data transfer is faster. Still, not many devices use this kind of connector, some Android devices that support the new ports are the Pixel C and the Nexus devices that were introduced last year, as well as the OnePlus 2.

Accessory maker SCOSCHE has just announced at CES 2016 a number of cables and adapters that support this new type of connector. The strikeLINE USB-C to USB-A Charge & Sync Cable Adapter connects some of the new devices with older ones, so users won't need to replace all of their functional cables ones they upgrade to a device with Type-C support. The adapter supports USB 3.1 data transfer capabilities and it can deliver up to 100 watts to charge the devices. It measures 6 inches and it will be available in black or white. Another accessory for new devices is the strikePORT USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, which allows to connect new devices with others with an HDMI port while connecting another Type-C device and a high-speed USB device to charge them or sync data. This adapter can transfer video content up to 4K resolution.


The strikeLINE USB-C Charge & Sync Cable is pretty self-explanatory, it lets new devices get charged from older devices as well as syncing data between them. These cables measure 3 ft. or 6 ft. and they will be available in black or white. There's also a cable that supports USB 3.1 so files transfer much faster, for example, an HD movie of 25 GB would transfer in just 70 seconds, 4 GB of photos would be synced in 12 seconds and 8 GB of songs would be transferred in 22 seconds. There's a strikeLINE USB-C USB-C to Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable, which features SCOSCHE's EZTIP in the Micro USB port, so users can plug it either way up. This cable measures 3 ft., it supports USB 2.0 data transfer rates and it comes in black or white. The strikeLINE USB-C Charge, Sync and Power Cable comes with USB Type-C connectors on both ends, it supports USB 2.0 data transfer speeds and it measures 3 ft., there are black and white color options. There's also an additional option that supports USB 3.1 data transfer speeds. For cars, there's the strikeDRIVE USB-C Car Charger for Type-C Devices, which delivers 12 watts and 2.4 amps of power, so devices would charge very fast, there's an additional USB port to charge an older device. All of these accessories will become available this Spring and prices range from $19.99 to $79.99.

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