Saygus V2 Handsets Set To Ship In The Next Couple Months

Saygus V2 AH 4

If you were one of the people that preordered the Saygus V2 smartphone and were curious about any new details regarding the launch, Saygus has recently announced the shipping dates for the device via social media. There hasn’t been a lot of information from Saygus about the V2 since they revealed that the phone was met with the most recent delay, but a Twitter post this afternoon reveals when the company may be looking to ship phones out to backers. According to Saygus, the delayed smartphone will start shipping sometime within the first quarter of this year.

Before entering the new year, Saygus made a few statements saying that they will ship the Saygus V2 in October. Unfortunately, the shipping date got pushed back to November, then out of nowhere the company was quiet with a lack of communication for the backers of the project, leaving their customers worrying on whether or not they will receive the V2. Saygus eventually reached out to their customers via Twitter stating that the holidays were busy for them, apologizing for their lack of updates. The company then went to explain that the reason for the delay was because of differences with their manufacturing partners. Following their reasons for the shipping delay, Saygus hoped for a February release but the Chinese New Year will be in full swing which they state will slow everything down. Lastly, Saygus tweeted that their projections during CES are looking to be unharmed, so for now the Q1 shipping state stands.


For people who don’t know much about the Saygus V2 (pronounced V Squared) then here’s a little info on the device. Besides the Snapdragon 801 processor, 5 inch 1080p display, the V2 has two microSD card slots. There is 64 gigabytes of native storage so if you add two 128GB SD cards, you got yourself 320GB sitting in your hands. The device comes installed with Android 4.4.4 but with the delayed release, there’s no telling whether or not Saygus might decide to bump up the Android OS version. Then again, there’s no evidence pointing towards that scenario, so it’s more than likely that KitKat will remain the operating system version that ships with the device.